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Developing effective teams through authentic conversations
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The language of right and wrong

The honesty and impact of workplace conversations depend not

only on the words we choose but whether we choose to say anything at all.

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Leaders with the know-it-all gene

Rosie Brown, the CEO of Cook, says "If you are not willing to develop yourself you have no right to lead others."

Ready to wake up?


Tim Littlehales - Co-CEO of Bridge Partnership - believes the opportunity for change is ‘more real and possible now than even before.’

Make sense of the space between personal and organisational purpose and values

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“What's that about ?” I asked him. It seemed to be a reasonable challenge. “Why is that when we talk about love in bu...

Listening to people outside our ‘bubble’ can also help to build deeper relationships with colleagues, and cultivate a...

What if all this effort is for nothing? What if nothing changes. If nobody cares and the world carries on just as if...

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We film unbusiness-like conversations with leaders about values, purpose and leadership  We aim to generate a new conversation about the role of business in society.