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Often the hardest conversations to have are those that we commonly think of as soft and unbusiness-like - conversations about values, kindness and compassion.

Because of this, and because we are offering something different, we don't expect too much too soon. Our experience is that participating in a filmed conversation is the most effective way of introducing our work - and we'll do that without charge.*

We work with businesses to create a series of filmed conversations with leadership teams about our values, our work-selves and how connecting on a human level can develop strong and effective teams.

The resulting films become a catalyst for reflection, prompting open dialogue in teams to deepen connections, unlock collective intelligence and create shared understanding.

To start a conversation with The Eth Word, please get in touch.

*Why no charge?

We want to normalise this conversation. 

Connecting people on a human level creates the kind of workplace where trust and empathy thrive, and provide the foundation for more effective and engaged teams. 


The Eth Word aims to contribute to the emerging appetite for a different kind of business that better serves people and wider society.

So we offer one filmed conversation for free - and we tend to favour larger companies and corporates.