Eth Word Advisers

Thankfully we're not alone in our vision for a different kind of business that serves people, society and the common good.  


Over the past two years, over 60 leaders have contributed to The Eth Word and some continue to show support for our work and what we are trying to achieve.


Now, we've assembled that support into a team of advisers. They offer support and practical guidance, as well as being ambassadors for Eth Word project

Director at The Roots Programme
"I support the vision of the Eth Word because I refuse to accept that business cannot be a place or warmth and kindness; where we treat our colleagues with patience and compassion. Allowing a safe space for leaders to speak with vulnerability and share their whole selves, makes for a healthier society."
Ruth Ibegbuna
Finance Director, Service Platforms BT
Paul Crouch
"I support the Eth Word because I believe doing ethical business leads to a healthy sustainable business and strengthens society.   Peter’s vision to share leader’s stories from across global industry to spark ideas, discussion and conviction to ‘do the right thing’ is something we need more of in business."
Former CEO Wolff Ollins
Ije Tom.jpg
“As CEO of Wolff Olins, The Eth Word helped me put language to our belief that leadership was fundamentally about creating the conditions for others to thrive. My support for Peter and the team comes from this incredibly human attitude to how we are with each other in the world of work, something that is ever more important is these radically different times”.
Ije Nwokorie
Former CEO // Wolff Olins
Speaker, Writer, Change-maker
"The Eth Word encourages and shares insights into leadership that emphasise all those attributes essential to our humanity and so often unmentioned in the lexicon of business thinking and  literature. For this reason alone, I am unreservedly committed to supporting this important initiative."
Mac Macartney
Assoc Prof of Marketing  & Sustainable Business
Victoria no text.jpg
Victoria Hurth
"I am supporting the Eth Word because they provide a unique service through revealing to ourselves and others, the humanity that is really behind our best decision-making – and great decision making is what the world needs now!"
Daniel Godfrey-1.jpg
Independent Director & Adviser
"I’m delighted to support Peter and the Eth word because I believe in Peter’s vision. That personal stories presented in video format can help people find truths about themselves and the inspiration to make change happen."
Daniel Godfrey