What we are doing

We are The Eth Word and we believe that it's the things that makes us human that can make business better. We believe that the values we all share as humans – love, compassion, fairness – and attributes like curiosity are often considered ‘unbusiness-like‘, but that it is here, in this connected humanity, that we can unlock the beginnings of real systemic change.


We film senior business people having the sort of conversations that we commonly think of as soft and unbusiness-like - talking about values, friendship and compassion, which we will then help them share with their peers, their teams and the broader business community.


We want to do this because we know that in doing so we help these leaders connect with their own values and full selves. Sharing the films with their peers we encourage authentic, warm connections, and by showing these films to colleagues and teams, the leader modelling this behaviour legitimises the conversation and gives permission for others to contribute and participate. 

Watch some Eth Word films and judge for yourself.

“It is a challenge for any organization to create an environment where people feel safe to show up whole.”

Frederic Laloux Reinventing Organisations