The social role of business

Millennial students say companies need to adapt to changing consumer expectations about their contribution to society.

A team of final year Business Studies students at the University of Portsmouth, working on a Business Consultancy Project with The Eth Word, believe that social responsibility plays an increasing role in the choices people make about the products they buy and the places they want to work.

Sam Valdes, a third year BA (Hons) Business and Management student, says “We’re very interested in forward-thinking companies, particularly with the millennial workforce becoming more invested in the type of organisation they work for and the values they have. We would love this thinking to be universal, with companies adapting to future trends and what consumers expect from the corporate world when contributing to society.”

The Business Consultancy Project (BCP) is a 20-credit unit that is an important component of undergraduate learning in the final year of degree study at Portsmouth Business School. The BCP Unit has been running for 5 years, and is one of the highlights of the undergraduate learning experience for many students.

Over 300 enrolled for the unit in 2017/18, working across more than 50 projects. The aim of the unit is for students to design and deliver a project for their client and to develop employability skills by working in teams. The Business Consultancy Project began in October and concludes in March 2018 with a final presentation and report, forming a key element of the team’s assessed work for the unit.


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