How do you exit your echo chamber?

Listening to people outside our ‘bubble’ can also help to build deeper relationships with colleagues, and cultivate a happier environment to work in.

“The answers don’t sit with the strategy team,” says Derek Browne, CEO and founder of Entrepreneurs in Action (EiA). “If you want real insights, you’ve got to look in different places.”

EiA runs enterprise-based interactive programmes designed to motivate and inspire young people, through business, to be more employable and entrepreneurial.

“We’ve got to create ways and find leaders who want to do things differently,” says Derek. “If we continue to have the same types of people that we reach out to for the answers, it’s not going to be enough for the world that we’re facing now.”

Derek features in a short film produced by The Eth Word for A Blueprint for Better Business, as part of its ’10 Steps to Fulfilment at Work’ campaign. Blueprint believes there is unrealised potential within the UK workforce, manifested as low productivity, lack of engagement and unfulfilled people. The steps are derived from the Blueprint Principles & Framework and are supported by a number of senior business leaders and experts in management, psychology, sustainability & consultancy.


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