What if it doesn't matter

What if all this effort is for nothing? What if nothing changes. If nobody cares and the world carries on just as if me and my precious plans to change the world never bloody existed. I'm completely irrelevent? In fact why are you wasting my time?

After nearly 2 years work this is an alarming thing to consider. And I feel it. I feel both passionate about the Eth Word and at the same time afraid that it fits nicely into the “worthy but actually crap” category. “We love what you are doing but don't think it will convince the big players” (aka it's useless, push off)

So it's the thing I ask a mentor friend. What if this makes no difference?

So he answers - or rather, deftly deflects the questions back: What if the thing that you are good at is also the work that fills you with happiness? What if this thing is your gift, and also the thing that you whole-heartedly believe in (most of the time) (if it is possible to wholeheartedly believe in something some of the time) You are asking me 'what if that makes no difference?'

He continues: The most honest thing you can do with a life is to find something you derive meaning from, that serves others and then to pursue it with real gusto. To give it your all. To share it, to sell it, to tell it to the world as best you can. It's relevance to others is for others to decide.

So if we can honestly say we are bringing the best of ourselves to our work, with real gusto, with an intention to change the world for the better, then perhaps our bit is done – it's now for somebody else (preferably everyone else) to make the connection.


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