Are you paid to care?


Specialist Advisor, Europa Partners

Accountability surely means taking responsibility for what’s right, not just what’s in our remit or within the rules.

A common statement is that "I know it’s wrong, but I’m not paid to care.”

Ameet Shah, specialist advisor, Europa Partners, believes the emphasis should be more on people than processes, and intuition over instruction. This means empowering individuals to care about actions and outcomes and to question corporate convention. Otherwise, the pressure to simply do what we’re told or what it says in the book can subordinate our innate sense of right and wrong. Challenging this culture enables change for good.

Ameet is a specialist advisor, Europa Partners, and former Strategy Director, BT Group. He works as an independent consultant in strategy and business development in telecoms and technology, and is non-executive chair of the charitable organisation MeWe360, a one-stop development house providing funding, mentoring and development for creative entrepreneurs.

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