Leadership: The brave and the bold

What difference would it make to our everyday experience of work if we love and respect our colleagues? Ruth Ibegbuna, CEO of RECLAIM, says we get far more from one another and experience 'a higher level of interaction', and that from a foundation of love we can thrive in the workplace.

In 2016 I filmed a conversation with Ije Nwokorie, then the Global CEO of Wolff Olins – he said something similar:

It's about caring for one another, it's about putting the other person before you – now if you have that kind of culture – one, that's love – and bloody hell, what can you not do!?

We can get hung up on the word love – because it's either romantic or reserved for friends or family. At work we get 'engagement' and 'emotional commitment' – but whatever we call it, most people would thrive in a workplace underpinned by compassion, kindness, gratitude, fairness, patience – and that's love isn't it?

A clip from the conversation with Ije Nwokorie has already been published and can be seen here



I think for you to be able to say to someone, I love you and I love what you do, or I respect you, I think actually, especially being British, being able to step through that final frontier and express an emotion to someone is a really hard thing to do - and I think it's brave and bold.

I think the connections that people make with each other are real, they're genuine. They're not based on 'we have to coexist because we're in the same organisation.'

I think that once you fully commit and you commit emotionally with your colleagues as well, then it's a higher level of interaction, so therefore you get far more from each other.

And you are - I'm not gonna use the word happier - but well yeah, you are happier in your workplace so therefore that's taken care of - you can build on that then.

And I think that so often you know, I listen to friends of mine talking about work and I always think how horrified I would be to think that anyone in my team gets up in the morning and thinks 'oh god, work'

I don't think they think like that - they work hard - but I don't think that people in my

team, I can't think of anyone that would wake up in the morning and think 'oh I've got work today, I wish I could stay at home.'


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