The three vehicles of change

Ryan Gellert // General Manager EMEA // Patagonia

If change is going to be sustainable, it has to be real, we have to mean it. Ryan Gellert, from Patagonia asks: who is going to lead the change towards a sustainable future - individuals, government, business?

As Ryan says in the clip, business and government are simply ‘collections of individuals’ - and this is the key. Whether it is the state or business, it’s about the individuals. If the commitment to care about the work we do and the environment around us begins with the quality of how we care for one another as individuals, then perhaps change has a chance.


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Business is not just about the bottom line - it also has to be about society’


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I just think that in business there’s such a short list of really easy excuses that get used quite often about the role of business is to maximize shareholder wealth or you know if it doesn't if it doesn't line up with a strict definition of the mission of the business then it’s not something that we can that we put energy behind.

And I just kind of think it's bullshit. I think it’s a convenient excuse and I think in the world we live in today unfortunately you know there's sort of three vehicles for change and three vehicles for protecting the planet.

They're individuals - which is very challenging because they’re individuals - I think that there’s strength in numbers; there's government who I would argue it’s their role to protect the planet and protect societies and protect individuals - and I think unfortunately we're seeing in a lot of the Western world in particular just a failure of really embracing that responsibility.

And I think that leaves business which again much like government is a collection of individuals. And I think businesses really tried to define the role of business to not include them on working on behalf of social and environmental issues and I think they get it fundamentally wrong and I think even if you want to have a philosophical debate about why there should be government or business the bottom line is government’s not doing it

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