Leaders with the know-it-all gene

Leadership is as much about knowing yourself as knowing how to lead others. Rosie Brown, CEO of Cook, says "If you are not willing to develop yourself you have no right to lead others." Fabulous 2 minutes with Rosie Brown talking about the responsibility of leaders to take time to develop some self-awareness.


I think people who talk about your personal development as soft skills totally misunderstand how people work.

There's nothing soft about it you know. It's deeply frustrating to me and yeah I think it's really hard I think it's really hard to get people into a place they're willing to be vulnerable.

Yeah it's really hard isn't it to admit we're not and to check our behaviour and also when you're busy to find the time to reflect on how might have done that differently, how could I have done that differently.

It's much easier to just tick it off the todo list say yeah its hard and you know come back to it again. But I think the leadership team modelling that is fundamental because you're not going to its really difficult to get other people in an organisation to do that if leaders not modelling it.

So not having all the right answers being able to say you know well we've got that really wrong - you know trusting other people that actually they're running the department they might know better than you.

And its hard sometimes you know I've certainly got a know-it-all gene but I think the more we can kind of be aware of that then perhaps the less we into our natural tendencies and so forth.

For me, for people to say as a leader oh I've Ive sorted it Ive done it - I'm not going to do personal development makes me really angry because I think if you're not willing to develop yourself you have no right to lead others.

Because how are you going to help develop, lead others if you're stuck so I think its kind of a responsibility of leaders to be developing themselves on an ongoing basis I really do otherwise they need people but thats hard it takes time


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