The Purpose of Business


We're optimistic. We believe in the goodness of people. One of our founding beliefs is that 'it's the things that make us human that make business better.'


There is no doubting we're in a mess. In the distant past we would have looked to the church and the monarchy, and then more recently the state to solve our collective problems. But now more and more, it's business that is both cause and possible solution to our woes.


Business creates the culture of our times. Brands attempt to re-appropriate the stories and myths we live within, engaging our imaginations with images and messages everyday.

There is no doubt business has power. So let's begin a new story where we begin to recognise that businesses are communities of individuals, human beings, acting for individuals and for the communities and environment they serve.


If business moves beyond compliance, beyond simply meeting the legal minimum, then it can begin to find its role and its voice in addressing some of our most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges.


And we believe that starts with the individual and the connections between us. What matters to each of us, how we build relationships and how we translate that into meaningful and responsible action.