The Purpose of Leaders


All of our films feature leaders.


We film conversations with leaders because they have the greatest opportunity and the greatest leverage to effect change.


A new type of business leader is emerging, one who cares about stakeholders and shareholders alike – creating sustainable growth which satisfies long-term investors while at the same time minimising the social and environment footprint of the business.


We all have to be good human beings... it's important to be in a job

where you can be who you are.'
Paul Polman, CEO Unilever


Paul Polman is a often cited as a leader for our times. The UN recognised him as a

'Champion of the Earth' (really – follow the link!) He introduced the Sustainable Living Plan, reforming the way Unilever treat customers, the environment, employees and supply chains.


And implicit in improving the lives of the individuals and communities affected by business is the importance and dignity of the individual.


Enabling business leaders to be seen reflecting on their own vulnerability refocuses attention away from the corporate to the individual.


“That ability to be vulnerable and show that you don't have all the

answers... is really important.”

Sacha Romanovitch CEO Grant Thornton LLP UK