"Frantic activity is often a poor cover up for a deep inner sense of emptiness"

Fredrick Laloux


What's the problem?

Big businesses impact our lives everyday, yet seem remote and detached from our influence. We may feel connected to some of the brands we use, but rarely do we feel connected to the people, the human beings behind the brands that we are buying into. 

So why is this a problem?


Gradually over time, many big businesses appear to have lost their humanity and to be adrift from the very reasons they were founded. Decisions are made on the basis of profitability and the only measurement of value seems to be financial.

The focus is shareholders rather than stakeholders.


This has led to an environment where the dignity afforded to the individual is compromised, both those working within the organisation and those affected by the good and services it provides – such as customers, suppliers and communities.


As customers, we willingly engage with brands that we believe in, that tell an authentic story – one that resonates with our own world view. Shouldn't we also expect the same from the businesses that we work for – honesty, authenticity and a way of working that complements our own values and beliefs?


Shouldn't the shop window reflect the reality of the shop floor? It's often the case that those that are paid well - at the top of organisations – feel their individuality drained and constrained by the structures and expectation of the corporation, and those that are paid least often find it's not only their financial worth that is compromised - their individuality is also disrespected, their personal dignity compromised.

In response, we're on a mission to reconnect business with society and re-establish individual dignity and wellbeing at the heart of business.

'Behind the facade and the bravado the lives of powerful corporate leaders are ones of quiet suffering..... their frantic activity is often a poor cover up for a deep inner sense of emptiness.' Fredrick Laloux Reinventing Organisations

"One of the reasons corporations have become really dull and terrible places is we’ve forgotten why we joined – to go and achieve more than we could individually, as a shared endeavour, but also to do more than we could individually as a personal endeavour."

Ameet Shah, Former BT Strategy Director