How we work

We help leaders to show up, be more human and connect with colleagues. 

Good leaders understand the importance of caring about their people they work with as much as they do the bottom line. But how do they do that?

How do leaders really show up, be themselves and communicate what matters to them? Especially when leaders and leadership teams can often seem so remote and detached. 

And actually, why is it even important?

Well, because when we connect with one another, on a more human level, when we really see the person - the human being - in front of us, our understanding of one another begins to shift. Our relationships become stronger and more resilient, forming the basis for trust to develop. 

Connected Leaders with BT - See our case study

So when it does come to the bottom line, and implementing new plans and strategies, we already have better engaged people and teams, stronger relationships, meaning we are all more engaged and effective. 

How we do it

We film one-to-one conversations with leaders about values, purpose and leadership. 

The films are personal and real, and when shared, naturally invite new and deeper connections with colleagues. This builds bridges between silos, brings personal and corporate values to life and offers insight into the nature of ethical leadership. 

We call them 'unbusiness-like conversations', and we talk about the things that matter to us as human beings – our values, what we care about, our purpose and how we can authentically live and act in a world of work. 

Why we do it

Enabling business leaders to be seen reflecting on their own vulnerability refocuses attention away from the corporate to the individual.


We want to normalise this conversation. What might the business world look like if it is ok to talk about compassion, love, vulnerability as much as it's ok to talk about strategy and planning.

Connecting people on a human level creates the kind of workplace where trust and empathy provide the foundation for more effective and engaged teams. 


The Eth Word aims to contribute to the emerging appetite for a different kind of business that better serves people and wider society.

“The whole process is hugely refreshing for me.. I found it personally really engaging – because I think that is where you see peoples true self... you get the more natural side of people.” 

Gareth Tipton, Group Director, Ethics, Compliance & Governance // BT